Ring… Ring… An Efficient Phone System is Calling

From meeting with colleagues and clients from different locations to transferring calls after-hours, a unified communications solution optimizes your phone system. ThinkSpace IT provides a comprehensive phone system that can scale to fit your growing business needs.

By introducing VoIP providers and unified communication solutions, we’ll give your team the resources they need to streamline phone conversations and stay connected. With features like call transferring and recording, Skype for Business integration, hot desking and more, we’ll provide a better user experience for your team and a smarter calling experience for your customers. By upgrading from your legacy phone system, you’ll experience fewer dropped calls and adopt a scalable phone system that expands with your business.

Are your phone conversations getting crossed?

Cut the cord and enhance your phones with a streamlined system.

Four Reasons You Need UC & VoIP Providers

Simplify Communications

With a legacy system, transferring calls is a sure-fire way of losing information you’ve collected from the caller. Unified communications ensures any information given by the caller is stored and transferred along with their phone call.

Improve Scalability

As your business grows, so do your communication needs. From adding lines as you hire additional experts to providing phone solutions from anywhere with an Internet connection, our phone systems equip you with scalable solutions for your ever-changing needs.

Reduce Costs

Legacy systems are expensive to maintain, manage and expand – from purchasing hardware to installing new phones. Our phone solutions use the Internet to enhance your calling experience and are updated remotely to reduce on-premises costs.

Streamline Workflow

Whether you’re attempting to connect with your team from different locations, or you’re reaching out to new prospects, you rely on your phone solutions. With features like conference calling and call transferring, VoIP and UC provide an efficient calling experience.