Repairing Your Technology – One Ticket at a Time

From intermittent downtime to connectivity issues, when you experience problems with your technology you want resolutions within minutes – not hours. ThinkSpace IT knows your time is valuable, that’s why we resolve your largest roadblocks within minutes instead of hours, days or weeks.

Our remote computer repair services take the stress out of managing your technology. We create trackable tickets for your tech-related issues and resolve them quickly – so you spend less time waiting and more time checking off your to-dos. By remotely managing your systems, we’re able to streamline the repair process and minimize your downtime. And, with proactive monitoring, we identify your problems and resolve them – often before you even know they exist.

Are you still waiting for an IT expert to arrive?

We’ll provide remote assistance before they get there.

Four Reasons You Need Remote Computer Repair Services

Improve Business Continuity

Downtime damages your reputation, prevents you from doing your job and is – ultimately – a frustrating experience. By remotely repairing your technology, we minimize your downtime and boost your business continuity.

Prevent Data Loss

We’ve all been there – you’re working on a document, and suddenly your computer becomes unresponsive forcing you to lose unsaved work. Not only do we repair your systems so you minimize interruption, we’ll also help recover any lost data during downtime.

Streamline Updates

Updating your computers, hardware and software, and other applications is time-consuming. By remotely and automatically updating and patching your system solutions, we give you extra time to focus on servicing your customers.

Close Security Gaps

You don’t arm your security system and then leave your door open – why do you leave your computers unprotected? Our repair services identify gaps in your security and close them to keep your business protected.