Share the Responsibility of Managing Your IT

Managing your technology solutions on your own can be overwhelming, and you don’t always have the industry knowledge to make valuable decisions. ThinkSpace IT assists your existing team by doing the tasks that your team is unable to do or simply doesn’t want to do.

Our co-managed IT services give you the control of managing your own systems with the freedom of getting assistance from an arsenal of IT experts. Whether your business is growing and you need to add experts to your existing tech team, or you’re temporarily overwhelmed and need a little assistance, our co-managed solutions help reduce the stress of your team while giving them the freedom to refocus on tasks that they look forward to doing.

Can you afford to hire additional full-time experts?

With co-managed services, you don’t have to.

Four Reasons You Need Co-Managed IT Services

Gain 24/7 Support

Based on the number of resources and hours of operation, your tech team is restricted. With co-managed services, you gain an external IT team available to update, test, maintain and manage your technology 24/7.

Refocus Resources

You’ve got a solid team of IT experts, but – if you’re being honest – they don’t enjoy doing all the aspects of their job. When you partner with an IT provider, you gain extra resources to do the jobs your team doesn’t like to do, doesn’t want to do or doesn’t know how to do.

Improve Productivity

Your IT experts are in charge of updating your technology and ensuring everything runs smoothly – but do they? A co-managed service model ensures that your IT is updated and optimized and that nothing falls through the cracks.

Access Industry Expertise

Your business faces a variety of challenges, and while your existing tech team can resolve most of them, some of them require more research. By partnering with a co-managed IT expert, you gain access to a team of industry professionals willing to help.