Guarding Your Perimeter Against Threats

With all the major news sources focusing on ransomware attacks and internal cyber threats, it’s easy to forget that physical threats can also cause damage to your business. ThinkSpace IT installs a physical security system for your business as part of our multi-layered security approach to keep your IT secure.

Using a wireless security system and video surveillance solution, we monitor any activity occurring inside or outside of your business. From disgruntled employees trying to steal hardware to strangers attempting to break in, we’ll track the status of your business in real-time to prevent breaches, loss of hardware, and other damages. Because our security system is wireless, criminals can’t easily disconnect the system by clipping wires. And, with video surveillance you’ll gain crisp images of your assailants to hand over to police or other officials.

Let’s be real, are your current cameras just for show?

Get physical security solutions that work for your business.

Four Reasons You Need Wireless Security Systems & Video Surveillance

Gain Interference Protection

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI) can be detrimental to your productivity. We’ll protect your systems from electrical circuit induction or conduction to ensure your infrastructure is never affected by malicious external sources.

Manage Equipment

Installing and updating your security equipment can leave your defenses vulnerable. We’ll manage and maintain your security cameras, intrusion detection software and more so that your equipment never leaves you vulnerable to an attack.

Analyze Perimeters

Old locks, access to switch controls and unauthorized personnel access can increase internal espionage and damages. We’ll examine your current perimeter and create a plan to limit access and prevent disasters from occurring.

Boost Business Continuity

Similar to cyber breaches, physical breaches can cause extensive downtime due to lost data, damaged hardware or stolen equipment. By installing physical security solutions, we’ll significantly reduce or eliminate the risk of downtime and help improve your productivity.