Identifying Your Security Vulnerabilities

You rely on status reports for all your major projects, but when is the last time you checked the status report of your IT system? ThinkSpace IT locates and implements technology solutions designed to optimize your business and bring your productivity, reliability and credibility to a higher standard.

Our security vulnerability assessment starts by identifying problem areas for your infrastructure – such as gaps in your security, outdated hardware and equipment, or backlogged tickets – so you can clearly see where your IT needs improvement. We’ll create a simple, one-page assessment report and walk you through the analysis to determine your strengths, your weaknesses and how we can enhance your business. When it comes to protecting your business and your customers' confidential data, don’t leave your security to chance – pinpoint exactly where your business needs help.

When’s the last time you actually tested your security solutions?

Let’s identify your challenges.

Four Reasons You Need a Security Vulnerability Assessment

Generate Reports

You’ve got a lot to manage when it comes to monitoring your IT. Our assessment breaks down your entire tech system into an easy-to-understand, comprehensive report – so you spend less time tracking down numbers and more time fixing problems.

Prioritize Issues

Depending on the status of your system, tackling your vulnerabilities can be overwhelming. Our comprehensive report prioritizes your risks so you can address your most pressing challenges – instead of guessing which issues have the most impact.

Gain 24/7 Support

You’ve identified your pain points, but now what? We’ll help you tackle your toughest IT challenges and set you on a path to success by providing the resources and tools you need to achieve success – including 24/7 support to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Build Credibility

When your IT systems aren’t working appropriately, you often experience downtime and data breaches. Our assessment gives you back control of your business by identifying your issues, resolving them and helping you provide a better experience for your customers.