Protecting Your Systems from Downtime

You’ve got a large job ahead of you – keeping your business and customer data protected from thieves. ThinkSpace IT manages your security solutions to keep your servers, network, endpoints and other aspects of your business protected from cyber criminals and unauthorized malicious users.

Our managed security services remove the stress of taking care of your security solutions by yourself. We begin by listening to your goals, analyzing your current system and then implementing a strategic plan to keep your business protected while helping you achieve success. From securing your network and servers to ensuring each laptop, tablet and mobile device can securely access them – we’ll keep your business safe from the ground up. Plus, we’ll test and monitor your systems post-deployment to track incidents and prevent breaches.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by your IT security?

We’ll manage your solutions and keep your tech safe.

Four Reasons You Need Managed Security Services

Create Real-Time Reports

How can you keep track of how well your security solutions are working if you don’t track incidents? We’ll monitor your system activity and create easy-to-read reports of incidents as they occur to help you close gaps and keep your business safe.

Improve Business Continuity

Keeping your business and customer confidential data protected depends on your ability to secure your infrastructure. We update and patch your servers, network and other technology to boost uptime and promote an increasingly productive workplace.

Gain Secure Access

In an increasingly tech-savvy world, you need to be able to access your server, network, documents and other critical files from any device – from laptops to mobile devices. We secure your infrastructure and endpoints to provide access for authorized users.

Close Gaps

Gaps in your security are a leading cause of breaches. Our managed security solutions close the gaps in your security by identifying your vulnerabilities, providing solutions to bring them up to standards, and routinely testing your solutions post-deployment to maintain secure protection.