Managing Your First Level of Defense

Keeping your business safe from cyber threats and breaches is a full-time job that requires meticulous commitment. ThinkSpace IT provides solutions designed to protect your business like it's our own – beginning with your firewall and expanding to your entire infrastructure.

Firewall management secures your first line of defense against cyber criminals and other cyber threats – like breaches, file loss and damage. We’ll proactively monitor your systems and routinely test your firewall settings to ensure your business and technology is always protected. From locating vulnerabilities, closing gaps and optimizing your firewall to implementing security software, we’ll keep your business safe and protect your customers' confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. Our firewall solutions identify and prevent breaches and other malicious attacks from causing chaos in your systems.

Fess up, are you guilty of leaving the front door open?

We’ll keep your business locked up tight.

Four Reasons You Need Firewall Management

Get 24/7 Monitoring

Part of keeping your business safe is to ensure that your systems are actively monitored, and any incidents are taken care of quickly. That’s why we proactively monitor your systems 24/7 to identify changes with your systems and catch issues before they become damaging problems.

Gain Post-Deployment Testing

Too many IT companies implement install-it-and-forget-it approaches to managing your technology solutions. We don’t understand that value – or lack thereof – which is why we continue testing your solutions post-deployment to ensure your firewall is always working correctly.

Improve Uptime

Breaches in your defenses can cause extensive damage that results in downtime, data loss and interruption to your productivity. By managing your firewall and other security solutions, we’ll boost your business continuity and keep your systems running at full operations.

Update Automatically

To ensure your firewall can do its job, you need to update and maintain your solution – but it’s time-consuming. We strengthen your firewall by proactively and automatically updating your defenses remotely, to ensure your firewall is always prepared for a cyber attack.