Expanding Your Server Hosting Capacity

Hosting your servers is time-consuming – between storing, updating, repairing, and expanding – but, with a reliable partner, you eliminate the risks associated with hosting in a physical location. ThinkSpace IT co-hosts your servers and network to ensure your systems are never lagging due to storage restrictions or outdated software.

With virtual server hosting, you expand your storage capacity while lowering your overall operating costs. Whether you’re looking for a partner to completely host your servers or just need help to host some of them – we’ll keep your systems secure in a temperature-controlled environment. Using a multi-layered security approach, we’ll protect your servers from unauthorized users, hackers and other cyber threats. Our hosting solutions maximize your uptime and business continuity while reducing your operating and maintenance costs.

Does your server room look a little overcrowded?

We’ll give your data center some breathing room.

Four Reasons You Need Virtual Server Hosting

Update Hardware

Maintaining your server room is difficult – between updating your hardware and testing your systems. We take the time-consuming task off your hands by routinely updating your hardware and ensuring your systems are running at peak performance.

Minimize Downtime

Preventing your systems from lagging, timing out or disconnecting is essential to providing a positive user experience. We’ll minimize your downtime and interruptions by proactively repairing your servers and providing technical support.

Expand Storage Space

You don’t have the time or budget to add more servers when you’re low on space. With our virtual hosting solutions, you’ll expand your server space by hosting servers on a digital platform designed to protect your data and scale with your business.

Monitor 24/7

Wouldn’t you want to know the second your server is experiencing technical issues or other cyber-related problems? By proactively monitoring your systems 24/7, we’ll identify issues quicker, resolve them and return your servers to full operations before you know it.