Harnessing the Power of Office 365

Using the cloud, we provide the applications you depend on to create a comprehensive and collaborative experience for your team. ThinkSpace IT brings your team together to work on the same documents from anywhere – whether you’re in different offices or different states – while enhancing your productivity.

Our Office 365 support minimizes the back-and-forth of emailing documents and files by providing your favorite Microsoft tools digitally on the cloud. Your team can work in almost real-time on the same document, enhancing your productivity and helping you meet deadlines. And, because it’s offered through the cloud, we’ll alleviate your overall subscription costs by adding users to a single business subscription. Our technical support includes updating your software and providing 24/7 support post-deployment to ensure your software is working as it should.

Do you spend hours waiting for project feedback?

We’ll help you collaborate efficiently.

Four Reasons You Need Office 365 Support

Expand Access

When you work on-the-go, you need a technology solution that works for you instead of against you. Office 365 gives you the tools and resources you need to work on your projects from any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Improve Productivity

Minimizing downtime spent waiting on feedback not only enhances your productivity but eliminates the risk of missing deadlines. Our solutions help you boost your business workflow without sacrificing quality.

Update Automatically

Updating your hardware and software applications can be time-extensive and tends to be overlooked. We know how essential updated technology is to protect your business from cyber threats – that’s why we automatically update your Office 365 solutions.

Eliminate Downtime

When you’re manually working with software – between updating and maintaining – you tend to experience unexpected downtime and interruption. By automatically updating and managing your solution on the cloud, we eliminate the risk of downtime.