Disaster Recovery – Your Defense Against the Unexpected

Keeping your business and customer confidential data safe is a priority for any organization – especially one looking to build credibility. ThinkSpace IT helps keep your public and private information safe by encrypting your data and creating a comprehensive cloud backup.

Our data backup and recovery solutions provide a plan B when things go wrong or data is lost. We begin by analyzing your entire system and creating an encrypted copy that lives in the cloud. Then, if you experience system failure, cyber breaches, attacks from disgruntled employees or any other threats to your IT, we’ll recover your information quickly and get you back to full productivity. Mistakes can happen, but what happens next is dependent on your IT provider. We provide proactive monitoring to ensure your downtime stays at a minimum and your confidential information is never at risk.

Be honest – did you recently lose a file and have to start over?

It happens – but not with a reliable IT partner.

Four Reasons You Need Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Encrypt Data

It’s not enough to create a copy of your confidential information – cyber criminals could still gain access. By storing your data backup on the cloud, we add a layer of encryption to prevent unauthorized users from seeing your private information.

Eliminate Risks

When downtime or other threats to your system strike, you risk losing everything – stored data, currently opened projects and archived items. By routinely backing up your entire infrastructure, you eliminate risks and take back control of your system.

Boost Productivity

Disasters can happen, but how long you experience downtime makes all the difference. By managing your backups, we’ll quickly recover your system and get you back to working at full productivity.

Minimize Costs

Hosting data backups on physical servers, drives or other hardware is expensive. By storing your confidential data on the cloud, we free up your storage space, reduce your storage costs and provide an easy-to-restore solution.